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Civic Engagement

November 26, 2016





One of our core values at The Active Citizen is civic engagement. Many young people feel disconnected from the political decisions that affect them and their communities. In the recent Presidential Election, only half of Americans 18-29 voted. However, voting is simply the foundation of the civic engagement pyramid. There is so much more you can do.


Have you ever:

  • Signed a petition

  • Reached out to a person with a different background to you

  • Attended a protest or demonstration

  • Spoken to your friends or family about an issue you are passionate about

  • Written an opinion piece

  • Called your local representatives

  • Written a letter to your local representatives

  • Attended a town hall meeting

  • Attended a school board or community meeting

  • Researched a policy topic you felt passionate about

  • Called out someone who said something false or ignorant

  • Read media with different viewpoints than your own

  • Researched local candidates for office

  • Donated to a campaign for an individual or an issue

  • Worked on a campaign for an individual or an issue

  • Donated to a cause you believe in

  • Stood up for someone who was treated unfairly due to their race, gender, orientation, religion, or appearance

  • Bought or refused to buy something because of your values

  • Organized your friends, family, or neighbors to come together around a cause

  • Volunteered your time for a cause you believe in

For many of us, we have only done a few of these things. Some of these things may seem challenging or uncomfortable, but in that experience we stretch ourselves and connect with other passionate people. There is nothing more empowering than the feeling of having made a difference in your neighborhood, on an issue, or in the life of another. Right now, there is a lot of emotional energy. We see it in Facebook statuses and we hear it in private conversations. However, the best antidote to anxiety, frustration, and uncertainty is to take an active stand. We at the Active Citizen want to help you engage productively with the issues and ideas that matter to you, and over the next year we will have dozens of different ways to get involved in your community.



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